The last thing you would want is to be all the way at the peak of a slope shivering because you are too cold or begrudging walking back to the lifts after realizing that you forgot a necessary skiing-specific item. Here is a complete, detailed list of what you will need to make sure is in your suitcase for your trip. Thrill of the Mountain can likely lend to you every item on this list, we will work with you personally to ensure you have every item needed before you head to the slopes, click here to fill out a rental inquiry.

  1. Layering

As you do in any cold place you are in, layering clothes is essential to staying warm. Make sure to take into account that this may be your coldest trip yet so you may need more layers (or thicker layers) than usual as well as the fact that you’ll need to be donning something that won’t be too tight or hold you back when you are skiing. We would recommend investing in some thermal underwear or a wool sweater, especially if you decide to become a regular on the slopes or even just at the resorts. Also, keep in mind that you will need some 

  1. Ski jacket and pants

Having a quality ski-specific jacket and pants that can protect you from snow, wind, and any kind of water can aid in your skiing experience and help ensure you won’t freeze during your journey down the mountains. We would recommend looking into jackets and pants that have GORE-TEX,   a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane that can repel liquid while allowing water vapor to pass through. Also, having velcro on your jackets and pants is great, so you can easily adjust and tighten it around the other clothing items such as gloves, boots, and more.

  1. Ski goggles and helmets

While this may not seem like the stylish item on this list, these are essential for your safety. The goggles allow skiers to see despite the possibility of snowfall and whatnot, make sure to get a waterproof pair. It should go without saying that the helmet is for protecting your head in case you fall during your adventure. Make sure that the helmet goes over your ears and also has a chin strap for the best overall protection. A helmet is a must for everyone. 

  1. Ski gloves, socks, and hand warmers

The socks will help keep you warm, we recommend getting a pair or two of wool socks. The gloves will also help keep you warm as well as help you grip the poles better under the weather conditions. Some skiers like to wear thin gloves and thick mittens at the same time. Another thing you can purchase to help keep your hands warm is disposable hand warmers you can keep in your jacket pocket and squeeze while you go up a lift.

  1. Ski boots

Shopping for boots to ski in isn’t your average shoe-shopping experience. Yes, you should look for a pair that fits your style and your feet, but you also need to take into account the flex. The flex is dependent upon both your skiing skills, what kind of skiing you are interested in doing, and body shape and can vary from brand to brand. Flex refers to the “ridigity of your boot” which you can adjust a bit after your purchase by tightening or loosening the straps on your boots. The boots you don for skiing need to be your exact foot size, so make sure you are precise when you are purchasing.

  1. Balaclava or Face masks                                                                                                  

Balaclava is a close-fitting garment covering the whole head and neck except for parts of the face. Face makes, no we are not referring to the masks needed post-pandemic (although you are more than welcome to wear one of those), instead, we are referring to face masks that are designed specifically to keep you warm. These are excellent in the face of winds you will witness on the slopes as well as going down them

7. Sunglasses

Eye protection is a must. The UV RAYS are extremely strong on top of a mountain and snow blindness is a thing. Skiing or Snowboarding without eye protection increases the risk of snow blindness, UV damage and injury in case of an accident.  Sunglasses also keep the wind and dust out of your eyes. Don’t leave home without them. Actually, bring 2 pairs and always have a pair of sunglasses with your ski jacket.

Regardless of if you are looking to expand your closet or go through the painless process of renting from us, you’ll be prepared for your epic skiing adventure with all of the items above. The Thrill of the Mountain awaits you, book your trip today!

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