It may sound like a silly question, but an essential one to ask before hitting the slopes. It doesn’t have a simple answer, but don’t worry! We here at Thrill of the Mountain have taken the time to ponder this so we can do our very best to arrange for you to have both a safe and fun experience when you ski with us. There are two dominant factors we take into account.

  1. Snowfall

The obvious factor in deciding whether or not there is enough snow to ski is in fact, the amount of snowfall that has accumulated. This is why it is particularly important to plan out your trip so you can visit the ski resort when there is ample snowfall.  January and February will provide classic winter storms opening much of the still closed terrain. March and April are the months with the most snowfall but fall later in the ski season.   November and December typically have the least amount of snow with limited terrain options available. With that being said, there is such a thing as too much snow that would cause the slopes to be closed. Yep, it really is a thing that happens. Multiple resorts had to close for more than a day because of too much snow. 

  1. Location

The less obvious factor would be the terrain of the slopes. It is always important for a skier to understand the lay of the land before they partake in the fun for safety reasons and helps us answer our original question. The amount of snow needed is dependent on what it is falling under. The steeper the terrain, the more snow is needed to hold the base. so for example a grassy area may need between 12-18 inches whereas a more steep rocky area would demand quite a few more inches. Additionally, some ski resorts don’t receive a ton of snow frequently or early in the season, rather they are able to operate because of snowmaking operations in their resort. Each ski resort has a deep understanding of how much snow is needed after their years of getting familiar with the orientation that their resort sits upon so never fear, Thrill of the Mountain will work closely with them to ensure your safety.  Resorts with significant historical snowfall can be relied on to know there will be snow. We will always make sure there is enough snow for you to slide down the mountain. 

To summarize, the two main things you must take into account when answering the question of how much snow you need to ski safely would be the base amount and frequency of the snowfall as well as the locations’ terrain and snow retention. Although this may seem like a lot to contemplate on top of everything else you have to think about ahead of your trip, we are here to alleviate some of this stress and will help secure a safe adventure for you.

So what are you waiting for? Book a trip through Thrill of the mountain today! The thrill of the mountain awaits you!

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