What is inflation? Most simply, inflation is a rise in prices.

How is inflation calculated? A quick search of inflation leads us to PPI and CPI. Both are indexes that are reported monthly and calculate change in prices. PPI is the producer price index and is a monthly measure of change in the prices received by domestic producers. CPI is the consumer price index and is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by consumers for a market basket of goods and services. The price of what producers are receiving and prices paid by the consumer. 

Former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen in June 2021 claimed when speaking on inflation “I personally believe this represents transitory factors”.  By December of that same year,  Yellen admitted inflation should not be labeled “Transitory”.  And by June of this year, Yellen admitted she was wrong. 

Why am I explaining this?  Well, Inflation has hit just about everything. While once considered transitory, recent times have shown us that it clearly is not.   All goods and services cost more.  It really doesn’t matter if you make it, consult it, sell it or just consume it; it will cost you more. 

What is “IT” you ask? “It” is anything and everything. And “IT” includes everything related to the business of snow. 

The Ski and Snowboard industries as well as the operators of the mountains are not immune to this global price increase.  Prices in the snow industry have increased at every turn. From rental cars and airline tickets to lodging, equipment, and food – and let’s not forget gas. And you still need a ski pass to boot. 

The annual pass (whether you pick IKON, Epic, the Indie, etc.), still one of the best values in sports and recreation, is not cheap.  Everywhere a skier and snowboarder turn they continue to see costs rising.  And while you can plan ahead and look for that great deal, the price is still the price and this season it will be much higher. 

Ultimately the consumer pays or does not pay the price.  

We continue to try to make your mountain dreams come true within your budget!  Thrill of the Mountain continues to offer a great value. Here are five top value money and time saving services.



  1. Free Winter Vacation & Snow Destination Consultation

We can help plan your dream winter adventure. We can book your whole trip for you. We specialize in individual and group packages. We know the mountains and that’s why people choose Thrill of the Mountain. From heli skiing and riding to five star dining, we have you covered.  We are your one stop shop for winter. We can help you with booking your travel and logistics as well as all of your adventures and mountain excursions.  Each package and trip is customized for your needs and wants. We are available for individual consultation via email and phone. For a personalized consultation or vacation package please reach out.

  1.  Lodging Referrals & Daily Lodging Deals 

We have many referral partners that help. Lodging is one of the most important aspects of your trip and we want you to be happy and comfortable. We constantly scour the web and our contacts for the best lodging available. We know when we see a great deal and are always happy to pass it on. Message us for daily deals.

  1.  Snow & Outdoor Recreational Activities

We know not everyone who comes on a winter vacation wants to ski and snowboard. We are happy to have you join in on one or more of the other great winter activities. Other activities available include: snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice skating, ice fishing, sledding, snow biking, hiking, dog sledding, gondola rides, hot springs, mountain coasters, mine tours, walking tours and so much more.

  1.  Inbounds Ski & Snowboard Resort Tours 

Guests who are looking to ski inbounds but don’t know the resort, or just want a buddy, will find our inbound logistic services and tours useful. Wanna just follow someone around for the day and not think about it, this is for you. Need an itinerary planned for the day for your group for meetups, bathroom breaks, lunch stops, and apres. Want to ski/ride specific terrain…nice long blue groomers, easy green trails, we can make that happen.   We handle all the logistics.  Also great for small groups on the first days of your trip.  Must meet minimum ability for tours and logistic services. 

  1. Night Activity Options 

It starts when the mountain closes and apres begins and can go late. From restaurants and bars to nightclubs with live music, we know the scene. Every mountain town is a little different; from the view and the music, to the food and the atmosphere. So if you want to see the sights, eat in the know, and listen to the live music, hit us up. We will make sure you know the right spots for a great time. We can help make reservations for dinner, help coordinate large groups for dinner, shows, and after parties. Want a private party?  We can even make that happen with live music and catering. Email or call us to schedule your private event.  

 What is your price to shred this season? The thrill of the mountain awaits you. For all of your individual and group travel needs, reach out. THRILLOFTHEMOUNTAIN.COM

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