Still in search, mostly just dry…

Cloudy and dry.

Beaver Creek Beavo; the local kids.

Super Bowl Sunday crowds not to large.

Epic photographers hard at work.

Hills dry in the distance.

Jerry and Jerry.

Trees green from last years snowfall.

Those clouds again.

Blue sky’s poking through.

Where is everyone?


As I sit here drinking my morning coffee, I again see winter trying to make a presence. Its been flurrying for the last hour and a half. Here’s hoping for a snowy day followed by some good music.

Wet morning.

Sun trying to make an appearance.

Grass and trees on the ski run.

Weather changing, about time.

Front coming in…

Snow coming down…

Starting to dump – I’m wondering could this be a much need change?

Wet and snowy.

Snow face. WTF no smile.

What’s up homie?

Snow is here.

Flat light is back.

So is Jerry.

It’s getting dark out there.

Solid day on the slopes. The conditions have gotten much better. Should just improve from here!

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave.

Was given second row tickets to Trombone Shorty last night. This show was great. The music was awesome and high energy! If you have not checked him and his band out, you need to. Sorry, they wouldn’t let us take any pics!



Found it. Powder Day. It happened. WOW.

Die hards

Fresh tracks anyone?

Sunrise just starting…

Trees starting to show signs of snow.

Yea, it was my line.

I like pillows.

And fresh lines.

And then the flat light came.

Then the tress came in play …

That’s my playground

Oh yea . . .

Come to my window . . .

Jerry’s favorite place . . . the glades.

Yes, it was that deep today . . .

And then the sun came back out . . .

And a little blue sky

Wait, turned out blue bird?

Jerry always checking himself out. Poles in deep.

And back comes the clouds . . .

Are you really an expert?

Thumbs up . . .I concur.

Winter at The Beav.

Low lying fog and clouds.

Mountains in the distance showing winter.

As is Beaver Creek Resort.

It that a change in weather I see?

More snow.

Jerry, Jerry & Jerry.

And then the dumping really started!

More, more, we need more.

Ear to ear grins. Love it.

Amazing day today! Here’s to hoping it just get a better!

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I haven’t read every blog post, but I enjoy your writing . . .

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