The Search for Pow

My search for fresh deep untouched powder continues. After a mostly dry and humbling January, February hopefully presents itself with many more possibilities. I know you guys believe that to. Received this from one reader…

No worries mate I’m brewing one hell of a storm for us and will be bring it with me, so get your snorkles out

Snorkels you say? Awesome.

Looking for the snow from above

Ariel views not showing much.

Beaver Creek as seen from the sky.

Back on land, blue skies pushing through.

Jerry on the ground investigating.

I like the arm style Jerry.

Who you looking at?

Small line at Cinch express at Beaver Creek.

Are those snow capped peaks I see?

Nice CO horizons.

The golf course in the distance covered with snow.

Warren Miller

The outpouring of feedback and comments we received on our short tribute to Warren Miller was amazing. Far and wide, but overwhelmingly in agreement. We received this from one reader

Bummed out about WM

To say the least, more like this when I first heard of his death…from another reader

Sad about Warren Miller

But comments and follow up from another reader explained it …

Reader: A True Legend

Me: So you knew Warren Miller?

Reader:No I read it on Facebook

Another great tribute on the man can be found here:

Smith: Farewell until we meet again, Warren Miller (column)

And to my friend, who sent me this signed pic from Warren Miller to his family; you were passed the touch. I get it now.

That’s awesome. Simply awesome, my friend.

May we continue to remember how Warren Miller shaped our image of skiing and all the things we love about it. RIP WARREN MILLER


Does anyone know a reliable inexpensive heli operation out of Whistler-Blackcomb?  If so hit me up!  The mountains in Whistler are calling my name!

Reader feedback, comments & pictures


Reader feedback was greater than normal because of Warren Miller. I don’t really care why- it was greater than normal and that makes me happy! We will take it. We encourage as well as appreciate any and all feedback, comments and pics. Keep them coming.

I like it when we get this …

Newest blog was great

Thank you. And this I thought I should share

Should be a good weekend

It’s going great, just like the journey.

Wow, what a journey you’ve had! Love the blog.

And we really love it when we get this…

Cool blog

And this is like the validation…

Nice, keep it up. See y’all on the mountain again soon.



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Earning those turns….feels good doesn’t it?

Wow, looks steep….High Boy, Alta.

Nice view.

The Beav as seen from the golf course.

Is it time for some fly action already?

Or maybe just some ice fishing

Usually we skin and debone it before devouring…that’s some cred

Cheers to a great February.

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great finish to your week. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you. Ski on.


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  1. How about an expose on the “Food of the mountain?” Not which heat lamp burger is the best but the good food of the mountain…. How’s the sushi half way up the mountain at Vail? Or the wild boar at heavenly? I was somewhat of a bread bowl connoisseur in my youth. Where do you recommend eating in Tahoe?
    Love the blog!

    1. Great idea. Thanks so much for comment. The escargot and game meat at Pepis in Vail are delish. Check out the solid happy hour at Blue Plate in Avon.

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