Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of staying in the following hotels, lodges and condos: The Atlantis Casino & Resort, Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center and Creekside at Beaver Creek.

Atlantis Casino & Resort

The Atlantis Casino & Resort located in Reno, Nevada is one of Reno’s finest lodging options. Whether you are just passing through town for a night or staying in the area for an extended time skiing Tahoe, The Atlantis has you covered. With multiple restaurant options (I think they seven full service restaurants), awesome gaming facilities and a world class spa The Atlantis Casino and Resort is a great place.

Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center

Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center is located at the base of Peak 9 in Breckenridge, Colorado. This is one of Breckenridge largest lodging facilities. With four buildings slope-side, a conference center, multiple restaurants, ski shop, a strong hot tub scene and underground parking Beaver Run has you covered. While some of the rooms may be dated, this place is clean and most convenient to the Peak 9 base area. This place stays busy, very busy during the winter ski season.

Creekside at Beaver Creek

Creekside at Beaver Creek located inside the gates of Beaver Creek Resort is a wonderful winter refuge. For those looking for private condos in a quiet serene setting of Beaver Creek, Creekside is your place. Two and three bedroom condos are available for rent. With free on demand shuttle service, a great hot tub, friendly and courteous staff this ski-in/out lodge is a great choice for those staying in Beaver Creek. If you want any more specific information, including contact names & numbers, please contact us at:


I’m in Colorado ski country for a bit. Here’s what I am seeing out there:

1/16 Breckenridge Ski Resort

Weather & Temps: 1 – 20 degrees on the mountain. Was a cold start with temps in the low single digits but rising quickly. Below tree line wind was minimal but above there were strong gusts. This was an epitome of a Colorado blue bird day; not a cloud in the sky and blue blue blue skies. The groomed runs were skiing fast. While I went up the T-bar, I opted not to go up Imperial or drop in the ever difficult Windows.

One degree to start the day. That’s a bit cold for Jerry.

That looks like fun.

SPF 30 and don’t forget to reapply. We know where you have been with those raccoon eyes.

Awfully serious Jerry, but cool reflection in your goggles.

Family and kids zone in Breckenridge, Colorado. Amazing views also included.

Keystone Mountain seen from Breckenridge, CO.

Downtown Breckenridge as seen from the top of the t-bar. Peak 8.

Imperial Express Lift. Top of Peak 9. Lakes chutes looking rocky.

1/17 Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge, Colorado

Weather & Temps: 8 – 36 degrees, Colorado blue bird day. Just beautiful out. Warmed up quick. Temperature was warmer than the last two days. No clouds in the sky to report today.

Met this great guy. Helped show Jerry where the restroom was. Thanks, Blair.

Blinded by the light . . .Jerry & Jerry rockin it.

Lovely day, but where’s the snow.

Is that Keystone Resort I see in the horizon?

Grooming looks solid.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry . . I leave it at that.

1/18 – Beaver Creek

Avon, CO

Weather & Temps: 18-40 partly sunny. Another beautiful Colorado day. Warm temps and dry dry dry. Day started cloudy and overcast, turned to partly sunny and by days end was blue bird.

Base of Beaver Creek. Centennial Express lift.

Sun shining through pushing the clouds away.

Jerry looking good with the ladies 🙂

What you lookin at? Blue Skies or Blue Sky.

JW not only works ski patrol at the Beav but he is an on-mountain ice sculpting legend for 34 years.


Some of this seasons work.

Office views on a Friday. Not bad Jerry.

1/19 – Beaver Creek

Avon, CO

Weather & Temps: 22-45 degrees. A bit too warm for my liking in the middle of winter, but what can you do. Another blue bird day with views of the horizon for as far as the eyes can see. Was a gorgeous day. Simply beautiful.

Jerry & friends.

Looks good but where’s the snow.

Clouds framing the horizon.

Who you calling chicken.

Grins from ear to ear. Love it.

Looking good my man.

Learn To Ski

January is learn to ski and snowboard month. If you have ever wanted to learn to ski or ride, now is the time. Get out there. Take a lesson. Go to your local hill and try it out. Feel what its like to slide down a mountain. Find a PSIA certified instructor to make the most of your lesson. If you like what you see and have always wanted to give it a try, I call on you to give it a try. Thanks and get out there.

Reader feedback, comments & pictures

Solid week with feedback, comments and pictures. I really enjoy getting this stuff, so keep sending more.


This was nice, but not always true…

Your having to much fun

Got this and was confused…

This is awesome! Have your feet thawed?

Ty. My feet were never frozen.

Good shit bro…livin the life

Yes I’m living life. How you living?

Just read it, love all the pics – seems like a lot of work putting together… but probably need to keep it up to gain a following, could eventually snowball.

1. Life is work. 2. Need snow for snowballs.

Great pics. I enjoy seeing them.

Thank you. I enjoy taking them.

Awesome! (And i used to be a Jerry)

Good for you. Unfortunately, I still am.

Cool blog

Thank you. I appreciate the kind words.


I know many US resorts lack of snow is still a real issue. We all want more snow in the resorts. Unfortunately, we have to make the most of what we have. I know it’s not much, but it is what it is. Stay positive. You never know, things may change tomorrow. It’s gonna snow. I’m gonna pray that it does anyway.

I want to thank you for all your enthusiasm. Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and skiing with some really awesome people. Some of you I knew and some I met that day. Some of you were friends from before and some are new. You brought pleasure to my day and I’m glad we could share a lift, run or just some time. I hope to meet many more friends, old and new, here and there as the journey continues.

Reader Submission Pics

Need I say more.

Cool….looks like a road to nowhere.

Jerry likes a good hike. Dragon’s Nice bro.

Cali? Where’s the sunshine?

Got snow?

They got it…Bozeman, MT

So did they… Pow day at Alta

Old Man Winter pic cool.

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great finish to your weekend. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you. Ski on.


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  1. Jerry, thanks for your quick response and help with booking my hotel, I couldn’t have been more happy with the accommodations and pricing. YOU’RE THE MAN !!! That beer place at Breck you recommended was the real deal 👍

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