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After seven days on the planks, the last five in a row, I decided to take another day off. It’s a long season and with many more days on the horizon any extra rest off the legs never hurts.

I’ll be headed to Colorado early in the morning with hopes of hitting another daily double. Can I do it?  I’m hoping to ski A-Basin in the afternoon and Keystone at night…

1/14 – The drive out to the Rockies.

White capped mountains in the distance.

Eye on the prize.

Dry in the foothills but we are hoping for better conditions in the rockies!

This is what happens when three diehards rent a small SUV with three weeks worth of gear! Jerry’s car is at capacity.

Top of the continental divide. What a beautiful site!

Looking across the divide at Loveland Valley.

Well after a long day of travel, sometimes even the best lay plans go astray. We showed up at A-Basin with an hour and fifteen until close. After a further review of time and logistics, heading straight to Keystone was going to be best.

The good news is that winter has arrived. Old man winter is finally here. Fresh snow and colder temperatures were a pleasant surprise at the top of and crossing over the divide.

I finally make it to Keystone Ski Resort.

Jerry wearing his glasses on this nice sunny day!

Beautiful pic.

Glades still looking untouched.

Anyone going up?

Shadows creating flat light as the sun begins to set.

Breckenridge Mountain as seen from the top of Keystone Mountain.

Nice sunset fading behind Breck.

Keystone at dusk.

Afternoon/Night session in full effect.


Lit ski run for night action.


We got on the mountain around 3:30. Conditions were excellent. Really good coverage. Soft snow. Probably the best conditions I’ve seen yet on a mountain so far this season. Skiing from a day session straight into a night session is a whole lotta fun (for those of you that don’t know, Keystone has night skiing). Catching a good sunset on the mountain can be breathtakingly beautiful.

1/15 – Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge, Colorado

Weather & Temp: 12-27 degrees. Much colder here. 10-15 mile an hour wind gust. With the wind chill, it felt like 16. Afternoon temps began to fall rapidly and by late afternoon the temperature felt like single digits.

Go get em Jerry.

Wow, where is everyone?

Grey, cold and a bit nasty. Jerry’s preferred weather.

Grey out with a chance of snowflakes.

Clouds and overcast in the morning.

As well as flat light . . .

Mountain weather always changing in an instant.

Is that blue sky I see?

With the sun trying to come back out?

Clouds beginning to break for that beautiful Colorado bluebird day.


I like it.

Breckenridge, Colorado

The skiing the last 2 days has been excellent. Of course there could be more snow, but that’s always the case. With old man winter finally making an appearance in the form of fresh snow and colder temps hopefully the mountain conditions just continue to improve.

I’ll be in Summit & Eagle County for the next two weeks. If you want to meet on the mountain send us an email. I would love to ski with whoever wants to join me for a run.

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  1. Way to go brother…looking forward to seeing you and rockin out to CRB next month. Keep livin the dream!!

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