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Greetings from the mountains. I am in the High Sierras for another day before I head out to the Colorado Rockies. It’s been a great week but time to move on.

BTW . . . It snowed, just like I promised. I hope there is more in store for all of you in the mountains this week.

A view of Mt. Rose Ski Resort from a distance (my hotel room).

Sierra Snowpack commentary

Snowpack in this region has been way below historic levels. There is no sugar coating this. There is a lack of snow. Resorts reflect this with limited runs open and a lack of available terrain. Hopefully there will be some significant snowfall soon. If not, I’m not sure where they (the resorts) go from here. There’s always next season. I write it as I see it.


I have had some people ask about Jerry, the meaning of Jerry and what a Jerry is… I wrote before, if you don’t know what a Jerry is chances are you are a Jerry… a little more for those that need it… On page 2 Urban dictionary defines a Jerry as:

Someone on the mountain skiing or snowboarding that does not know what the F#$% they are doing.

Nice fanny pack and cell phone holder.

IS THIS YOU? No seriously if this is you….stop it.

Or are you this guy?

A little 80’s for my style, but it gets the job done. You may want to check your bindings bro.

A bit further down on page 2 of the Urban dictionary Jerry definition and you will find this:

One who demonstrates complete and utter ignorance in their sport, mostly skiing.

But really a Jerry is whatever you want it to be. Look some people say Bob, I say Jerry. Some say just do it, Jerry say’s just send it.

Jerry keeping it fresh.

Enough with Jerry for now.



1/10 – Northstar at Tahoe

Truckee, CA

Weather & Temps – Partly cloudy, partly sunny upon arrival. Mostly bluebird as far as the eye could see by 1pm. Windy at the summit and on BURN OUT on the backside. Coverage was minimal, but better than nothing, and more covered than last Friday 1/4/2018.

WTF…Where am I? Yes, believe it or not, it’s ski-able.

At least it was a bluebird day

WTF is this S#$T ?

Bring your rock skis.

Nice horizon. Did someone say green trees?

Looks like a ski run to me.

Looking good bro….

Jerry, Jerry & Jerry …

Jerry looking good.

Started out with some clouds…

And low-lying fog.

But by afternoon visibility was great, with superb lake views on West Ridge.

Beautiful lake view in the background with Jerry stretching in the forefront.

The lake view may be great but the runs, not so much. They are barren.

The trees are looking quiet green and dank from last years record snowfall.

Recap on the day- Complete contrast from last Friday. Not much change in open terrain (actually seemed like maybe fewer runs were open) but coverage for what was open and available was much better. Anyway, it is what it is.

1/11 – Heavenly Ski Resort

Lake Tahoe, CA

Weather & Temps – 20-30 degrees, significantly colder temps. Saw a little bit of everything throughout the day. Mid mountain and below tree line on the California side saw a sunny day with beautiful views if lake Tahoe. The Nevada side was a complete contrast with a weather disturbance in effect. We saw sleet and snowfall all with blistering winds. Again, visibility became almost nothing.

Drive out; closing in on the south shore.

Looks like its gonna be a good day.

Nice views on the drive

Not so much from the parking lot  (believe it or not this is usually a great mogul run!)

Guess I wont be skiing to the car.

Amazing views….

Not so amazing. They need snow.

Lake Tahoe in the background.

Looks awesome, can I ski to the lake?

Where in the world is Jerry? I can’t see him.

Found him. Jerry & friends hanging on the mountain.


Minimal vis with flat light.

Maybe we should have left the trees for another day.

Jerry love’s his glades, even when you can’t see!

And beautiful lake views

They don’t get much better than this

Or this …

Or this …

These views never get old to Jerry.


South shore.

Lake Tahoe, California.


Today was outstanding! It had it all. With snow, sleet and blistering winds winter has returned. Today even had blue skies and beautiful views of Lake Tahoe. Maybe the best day in the Sierras so far. Good snow and conditions on the terrain that was open. A solid base of natural snow on whats open, has made conditons particularly good. More snow is needed to have more open terrain and epic conditions. But again, they are surprisingly good and hopefully will continue to get better.

Ski Shop Plug


BOBOS ski and board shop is the best. They will have everything you may need and more. Pat Parraguirre and the friendly staff will help you out with pretty much anything. So whether you are in the market for new skis, snowboard, boots or apparel BOBOS has you covered. They have a great rental department. All the latest models and demos are available for rent. So if renting your gear is more your style, again, they have you covered. Over the years, I have purchased skis, boots, two boot bags, two ski bags all from this shop. I’ve had many a tune and wax applied by the qualified techs. BOBOS continues to exceed all my expectations. When in the Reno/Tahoe area stop by BOBOS for all your ski and snowboard needs.

1/12 – Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows, CA – Placer County

Weather and Temps – 35-45 degrees with no winds. Amazing weather day. Visibility as far as the eye can see. Temperatures much like spring time, but very, very comfortable.

Alpine Meadows also in need of snow.

Jerry in sunglasses

Alpine also has sick lake views.

Lake views never get old.

Jerry looking down about to send it.

1/12 – Squaw Valley

Olympic Valley, CA – Placer County

Two ski days wrapped into one! Afternoon session 2pm to close.

Weather and Temps – Simply beautiful. Temperature 35-45 degrees with bluebird skies. Amazing.

Olympic Venue for Jerry

Jerry’s light shining through.

Beautiful day out there.

Views don’t get old

Jerry looking good



Today was amazing. We pulled a daily double; morning at Alpine Meadows, afternoon at Squaw Valley. Sick. Beautiful bluebird day. California skiing at it’s best. Today was easily the most comfortable and enjoyable mountain resort day of the season so far.

Reader feedback, comments & pics


Again we received some great feedback this week. Simply Awesome. We love it. Keep them coming.

So if you want to send a pic, get in touch or have a question, please contact us at:

Some notable quotes and emojis we received this week.


And this we love

Back on the planks again…I love it

This is cool too

That was your best submission to date

Thank you. This is always nice to see

Snow is getting better.

I agree. But then I got this and feel bad

We got snow last night. Unfortunately, I have to work until 3:30pm.

And waking to this is just great

We got a foot of snow overnight.

But this one may top the cake

Your life appears to better than mine

Not sure what to write to that, but I am most flattered (I know it’s not true, common man)

My sole purpose of coming is to be in your blog!

You’re in the blog..are you still coming to the mountain? Then there was this

Look at you. Ha ha.


Reader submitted pics:

Beer, Beer & more Beer NICE!

Nice bluebird day at Breckenridge.

Did someone say Breck? That’s me.

Stiletto in the stream at Keystone,CO

You know its gonna be good, but where is the pot of gold. I think Jerry found it.

Steeps …Kirkwood, CA

You read that right “Cliffs Ahead”

Looks like fun girls.

What up Jerry. Greetings from Mammoth Lakes.

Snow returns to Breck.

California bluebird skiing. Mammoth, CA.

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great finnish to your weekend and great start to your week.. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you. Ski on.


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