Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. It snowed. After a song, dance and a prayer many US resorts were gifted with the fresh stuff. It happened. I told you it would and it did. Now I just hope we keep getting more.


Here’s what I have been seeing…

1/20 – Beaver Creek

Avon, CO

Weather and Temps – 24 low with a 48 high. Was a warm one.

Overcast, dark and dry.

Clear views ahead.

Shrubs and stumps still visible on some runs.

Clouds added for dramtic affect.

There’s my sunshine.

Ski school gathering in the Gultch.

Clouds and calm before the storm.

Recap –

Was a fun day. Had the pleasure of being in the company of some great friends. Enjoyed sun and clouds in the morning. Followed by dark clouds all afternoon. Temps were dropping throughout the day. The weather feels like its changing. Is winter finally here?

Jerry and friends. Enjoyed it greatly. Thank you.

1/21 –  Beaver Creek

Avon, CO

Weather and Temps – cold, winter has arrived. 18 degree high temp at the base.Winter storm in effect. Oh yea.

It happened ….. I found it. Oh yea!

Jerry kinda day; grey, dark and flat light.

It’s the real stuff, finally.

Going up? Dude, shouldn’t you be going down?

Like this…looks awesome!

Stone Creek Chutes…still closed.

Wow, now that’s deep.

Pow Face. Nice Jerry.

Recap –

First true powder day of the season. It was a nice treat. Winter is back. Old man winter has made an appearance. Hallelujah. It feels great. Nothing like waking up to the fresh stuff. Low temps and fresh snow falling just melts my heart. Today was awesome. Just awesome. The soft buttery stuff is back. The cold smoke. Nothing like those soft pillows. I just love it.

Run of the day: Harrier.

Soft pillows throughout.

1/22 –  Beaver Creek

Avon, CO

Weather and Temp – 9-16 degrees with sunshine. Blue bird day after yesterdays snowfall. Really pretty day, but definitely on the colder side. Seems like winter may have arrived.

Snow still on the tress from yesterdays snowfall.

Views from Creekside at BC.

Blue Bird.

Jerry’s rays of light shining through.

Love it.

Epic picture anyone?


Could that be Aspen I see in the distance?

Glades looking sick with untouched snow.

Trees now ready to shred.

Today was awesome..nuff said.

Run of the Day: Glades off of Primrose

Rope drop. Oh boy!

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Talk To Joanne…

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Reader feedback, comments & pictures


As you know it snowed, and reader comments reflect that.

BC reports 4”. It’s better than a kick in the nuts!

So true you are.

I enjoyed this exchange I had with one reader

ME:I found it…

READER: Found what . . .
Oh my look at the snow.

And then I received this…

I hope that’s what u look like today skiing ahahaha

Pretty close. I see that grin Jerry.

A Jerry day! Looks awesome

You know it. And then I got this and got real excited…

yeah it’s going to be an Epic February I hope, we should expect a memorable Feb. according to track records. It seems like every 4 yrs we are blessed by the snow Gods with endless powder

1. I hope its epic too; for you, me and everyone else.

2. I’m guessing your gonna be there.

3. I need more info on your last claim. I hope you’re right. I most appreciate your hopes, wishes and comments. I’m with ya.

Always love these kinds words, thoughts and emojies….

Very cool. ⛷

And these too…

👍☺ 👍👍

And when I get this, I get excited for you…

So excited! We’ll be in Breck in 3 weeks!

Awesome. So very happy for you and I hope you will send me pictures.

Saw this happy sign outside Los Amigos

“Hooray for SNOW” ☺, Good stuff amigos.


We have had some great feedback regarding Jerry. Such as:

Glad you reintroduced Jerry. Seeing many these days. I even have to even work woth some.

I do to..

I know a Jerry

So do I…

We call him Joey, Barney or Bob.

You can call him what you want. He’s one and the same.

Jerry being Jerry.

Reader submission photos

Untouched from Alta. Jerry approved.

Looks deep. Go get em.

Dude, don’t be a Jerry.

Great pic. Thank you.

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great finish to your week. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you. Ski on.


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