A new day and a beautiful sunrise in Wilmot, WI. Reader photo submitted on 12/30/2017. Thank you and keep them coming.


Happy New Year and welcome to 2018. 2018 has great things in store for us. With the power of positive thinking, hard work and some luck we can all make a difference this year. Set your goals high, shoot for the stars and dream big, really big. May the hardest goals and greatest dreams be the least that you accomplish this year. May you be given the gift of continued good health and the strength to continue to desire good health. Without our good health, we are limited in our reach. Reach for the stars and find what makes you happy this year. This is our year to make a difference.

Bright light shining through. Blue bird day in Val d’isere, France Dec. 2017.

A little freshie falls in New Jersey. Reader picture taken and submitted 12/28/2017.

Thrill of the Mountain

So what exactly is Thrill of the Mountain? I don’t know if there is any one answer. I know that I titled our blog Thrill of the Mountain. But what does it mean? What is it? What is the thrill? What makes the thrill? And where is this thing going?

The thrill is the total joy you get from mother natures gifts. The thrill is the total electrification you receive by being in the mountains. The thrill is the excitement. The thrill is the exhilarating feeling you receive upon reaching summit. The thrill is a 3+ foot dumping when you and your family are there. The thrill is the rush you get speeding down the mountain, the wind gusting right in your face. The thrill is experiencing a rope drop. The thrill of a rope drop never gets old. It’s a feeling. An awesome one. The thrill is sharing this with the ones you love.

Reader submissions rock. Thanks again. No, this is not my dog, but he does look awesome like mine. As an aside, the guy who sent this picture named his dog Breck. Let me take a guess, your a fan of Breckenridge, us to.

What makes the thrill? You do. I do. We all do. But your participation is required. There are no free lunches.We here believe in the power of the outdoors and the need to get out. Believe it. Be a part of it. Play in it. Immerse yourself in the mountains. So, go get out there and make it happen. Just do it. Or as Jerry says “Just Send It”- We took that from somewhere.

That excitement of a trip planned. That excitment of taking your kids skiing for the first time. That excitment when a 6 inch storm turns into 6 feet. That excitment of riding your first black run. That excitment of a hike. That excitment of standing at the top waiting to drop in. That excitement of floating on that pure cold smoke. Still don’t know what I’m talking about, just ask someone who does. They will describe this experience as pure bliss. This is what we call the Thrill of the Mountain.

Don’t want to? Really? You really don’t want to get out of the house and into the great outdoors? Must be a reason why they call it the great outdoors. I digress. Just read our blog and you too will understand the Thrill of the Mountain.

Where is this going? That is yet to be detmined! We have some big ideas and the sky’s the limit. We are starting from scratch and are trying to lay the framework for something much much bigger. We hope to parlay this blog with our commercial ski & snow travel and concierge business. We hope to provide interesting original content. We hope to share personal stories, pictures, and videos that we think you will find entertaining. Please join us on our ride in search for the Trill of the Mountain.


The Mountains are Calling

Its been just short of a month since I took the pictures above and below in Val d’isere. That was an amazing experience and I hope to do a feature post just on Val in the near future.

The mountains are calling. The day is nigh and time is near to begin this next adventure. I begin a journey over the next few days that will take me to my happy place- the mountains.

This adventure will include wonderful, memorable experiences with family and friends (old and new, young and old) in and all around the mountains-but mostly on the hill. Many a lift will be shared with these great people.

My first 24 days on the hill in the US, will have me crossing paths with about 40 of my closest fellow alpinists’. Is that you? If not, want to ski or ride with us this month?

We are going to be in the Tahoe region as well as the Colorado Rockies this month. For more details regarding resorts and dates hit us up at: ThrilloftheMountain@gmail.com

I am excited for January and the expedition ahead. It’s gonna be a fun adventure. I look forward to the ride and all the new experiences that come along in January. Won’t you join me on this ride? Blogs, pictures and video documentary of it all can be found right here.

Closing thoughts

Thank you again for taking the time to read this blog. Please leave feedback and comments. Have questions or want some info on our ski and snow travel & concierge business email us at:


We received some amazing pictures this week. You will see them posted soon. Keep them coming. Get out there and enjoy yourself. Love one another and be kind to one another.

Have a great week. Ski-on my friends.



  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the world though your eyes over the next few weeks. All hail the powder chasers and thoes who take the road less traveled.
    Cheers !

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