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Last week was another dry week. Ullr the God of snow will make his presence felt this week or at least that’s what I’m predicting. If I’m wrong you can just call me Jerry. My name’s not Jerry, but I think some of you think it is. One comment/feedback we received last week:

Happy New Year Jerry

That’s great and funny. Keep em coming folks. Unfortunately, not everyone is as happy.

Nice! Now we just need 20 feet of snow to start this ski season!

or this one I came across

they reported 14″ yesterday, was some nice stashes still out there today…still need another 20″

and this one

We desperately need snow

It’s mid January and it’s a bit unsettling that since Christmas (give a day or two) there has been negligible resort snowfall. Like I wrote above, snow will come. Well I hope it will, anyway.

Weather patterns hang around for an unspecified period of time. You never know when they will shift or change. I’m hoping for a bit of a change in the jet stream and some kind of pressure clashes; like when a high- and -low pressure system collide. I have no idea about the weather I’m writing about, but someone was talking about that and it sounded cool to me. So I thought, why not write it.

snow covered trees.jpg

Snow covered trees after a massive snowfall.

Lack of snowfall sucks. No, really, I’m serious it sucks. Ask anybody who makes a living selling ski dreams. People want snow. I could pretty much sell it at any price if I could deliver it on demand to those that want to play in it. It’s not hard to find misery in a ski town with no snow. I know misery loves company but fight the urge. Like I wrote last week, the locals are restless. Their winter playgrounds and paychecks are a bit less lively at the moment. It will happen or at least I hope it will for all of us.

Here are some great pics of powder days to keep you stoked for the massive dump to come. Here’s to cashing in on some fresh powder.



20160113_122432 1.jpg



Feedback, comments and random thoughts


Thank you for reading this post. Your comments and feedback continues to be awesome. I received some really good ideas to make the site better. From recurring themes such as gear, destination, lodging & mountains to change your format and you spell bad. I appreciate you taking to time to help us become better. We do this as a labor of love. We hope you find enjoyment in reading about the mountains as much as we like writing about them. I know I really enjoy reading your feedback. So if you like us, leave feedback. If you want help or more info about booking or having a guide on your next ski or snow adventure please contact us.


We received some comments again this week that were, um shall we say, amusing to say the least. To the author of these comments, I really appreciate them. You motivate us all to do more.

I don’t want to be alone in my “100 Pound Plus Life” …I watched some episodes of my 600 Pound Life to motivate for the new year. . . You’ll have all your food worked off by all the skiing. . .You should write that into your blog. Skiing is such great exercise

Feel free to write and ask anything. And yes, skiing is such a great form of exercise. There you have it. I wrote it in my blog. Ask and we shall deliver!

Random thoughts

People ask all the time “What are you reading” So here you go:

Current reads


In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan

American Prometheus The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer by Kai Bird and Martin J Sherwin

Ultimate Skiing by Ron LeMaster


Backcountry, Friskier, Ski,  Inc., Money, & Powder


Many of you have been asking about winter apparel and gear. Here’s some basics to get you started.  There is so much apparel and gear available in the market one could write a whole blog just about gear. Hopefully, I will have a chance to review some gear and this section can become recurring. I start with what I have to work with and go from there.

People ask me all the time about specific brands like: Patagonia, The North Face, Columbia, Arc’teryx, Marmot, Outdoor Research & Helley Hanson. Brands of gear are like car brands. What one person may find great and love, another person may think is crap. So I don’t like to recommend any one brand over another- It’s personal preference. Some like vanilla, some chocolate, I don’t know why. Now, if you want to pay me to wear your gear, I will like your gear better. I’m sure.

I like brands that offer lifetime warranties.  You pay for the lifetime warranty in the form of a higher price once; when you first buy the gear.  But should that gear not hold up or becomes defective it can be replaced at no cost to you. I’m in favor of paying a bit more but having a lifetime warranty.  Unless you like buying new jacket or pants every few years it’s like having insurance on your winter jacket or pants. Not bad.

OK, so here’s the basics when entering the mountain on a winter day.  You need a snow jacket and snow pants. You need wool or synthetic socks. You need proper footwear. Your footwear depends on your activity.  You need base layers. How many base layers? Depends on how cold it is outside and what temperature your base layers are rated for.  Your base layers should never be cotton, as cotton absorbs the moisture and stays wet. You need gloves and a hat (winter beanie, not baseball cap). You may want a neck gaiter and clava or even a balaclava.  Have all that? Then you’re ready to head out.

What do I wear you ask? Mostly for outerwear (snow jackets, pants, gloves and hats) Outdoor Research.  They stand by their products and warranties.  I have returned multiple products under their lifetime warranty with no problems.

For base layers I wear any of the following: Doufold, 32 Degrees, Patagonia as well as Outdoor Research. This is what I like and works for me.  What gear do you wear? What works for you? Let us know.  If you have any gear or apparel questions, feel free to ask.



This year we should all think about helping others out when we can.  Studies have shown that volunteering not only helps the person receiving the assistance but also the one doing the volunteering.

Volunteer your time, money or both. Too many people need our help.  Someone you know may have lost their job or even their house. Or you may know someone who is just down on their luck. The littlest thing can really help. If you can just help one person- you don’t know how their life may change for the better. Forever. We all need some help sometimes. I implore you to give back. Please help each other make this world a better place.

I can see the light. Can you?


I want to promote your business.  If you want your business featured for free hit us up. I believe in sharing the marketing and self-promotion.



As an aside I am selling 2018 8 x 11 Photo Wall Calendars for Charity. My Calendar is called 2017 Powder Day’s. It has some of last years best powder pics. I’m selling the calendars’s for $25 a piece. A portion of all calendars sales will go to charitable causes. 2018 Charity Calendar supports these three organizations:

  • Kahn Academy
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates CASA / Guardian ad Litem GAL
  • Chidamoyo Christian Hospital




Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. More great posts, pictures and hopefully some video real soon. Maybe even of snow that fell recently. Until next time, be kind to one another and love one another.   Get out there. The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting.



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