This week brought powder to many US ski resorts. Christmas miracles were answered in the form of fresh powder on Christmas day. In 48 hours some resorts in Colorado were reporting up to 16 inches of new snow.

Live in Wyoming? You guys really cashed in with Jackson Hole reporting over 3 feet of snowfall over a 5 day span 12/23-12/27

And Grand Targhee Resort is reporting 95/95 trails open with a base depth of 73 inches. WOW. 100% open. Wahoo!!!!!

The east coast got in on the action as well with many resorts in the northeast reporting over a foot of fresh powder in a 4 or 5 day time frame. Here is a reader submission from Mt. Snow in Vt. on 12/27

Looks beautiful out there.

Erie, Pennsylvania. Erie received over five feet of snow in a two day period. Yes, you read that correct; 5+feet of snow in 48 hours. 5 freaking feet. That’s no joke. That’s back breaking snow removal. If there is anyone reading this in Erie send us some pics. Actually if anyone is reading this anywhere send us pics. Here is a picture I took last year, just in case you were wondering what a swimming pool filled with snow looks like.

The deep end is 8 feet. Bring your own snorkel.

The mountains of the Northwest have also been bleesed with early season coverage. Parts of Washington State saw 2-3 feet of fresh this past week. Mt. Baker reports a base depth of 116 inches while Stevens Pass reports a 72 inch base and having received over 4.5 feet of snow last week alone. Certainly a great start to the season in this part of the country.

Unfortunately, the High Sierras are off to another slow start. Many resorts are reporting negligible snowfall to date. Limited open terrain and runs have left the locals restless. Pray for fresh snow for these poor souls. As an aside, I will be visiting the Tahoo area in the very near future.


You need to pack some patience. Most US resorts are still opening terrain. With limited terrain open at many resorts expect long lines and crowded runs. Jerry’s and gappers are around everywhere. I know you think you can “send it” so can I (well kind of), but nobody cares, really. If you don’t know what either are you’re probably one or the other, or both.

Are you mad bro? Cause you should not be …you are on a mountain. One of mother natures greatest gifts to us. The wonderful glorious mountains. Feel how great the thrill of the mountain is?

Hate crowds? Hate waiting in lift lines? Don’t come to the mountains. It’s that simple. If you want to avoid the busiest times be at the lifts before they start spinning and hang around until last chair usually 4pm or after. Most people get to the mountain by 10 and leave by 3. Btw, first and last chair rock. These mountains and mountain experieces should be shared by any all who want them. So to recap…PACK YOUR PATIENCE & DON’T BE A JERRY. If your name is Jerry, I’m not talking about you. I’m sure you are a great peson who would never bring stupid idiotic antics to the mountain. Still confused on Jerry and gapper…jerryoftheday.com

Freezing Temps

In many parts of the country temperatures outside have been below freezing. Single digit temps with the wind chill in the negative. We are hearing reports of people not heading up to the mountains because it’s just too cold out. Breaks my heart. What a great day on the mountain, not a lift line to be waited in, if you can just grin and bear the -20 degree wind chill. Make sure you have what you need to stay warm. Hand & feet warmers are recommended as well anything that is heated. I like to say, “it wasn’t that cold out there today, I just wasn’t dressed right.” Dress in layers so you can shed them if you are hot. You can’t add layers if you don’t have any extra. Welcome to Winter folks where I’m hoping there is more snow and cold weather on the way.

The outpouring of support for the new blog has been tremendous. Thanks to everyone who has checked in and offered kind words of encouragement. Please feel free to send any comments, pictures or stories to


I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! I have a feeling that it’s going to be a snowy one for some of you.

Reader submission photo from Victor, NY. Thanks.


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