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The day is here. After years of deliberating; should I or should I not, I am here. Thrill of the Mountain blog begins today. This blog will be dedicated to all things mountain and alpine. So if you like the mountains and want to join me for the ride-come aboard. Follow my mountain adventures with pictures included. I think you will enjoy them.

A little backgroud…I am a former professional preferred stock and bond trader. After a successful 16 year run trading yield spreads, two and a half years ago I was let go. Who knew where life was going to take me but after traveling and experiencing an array of cultures, things seem to be in perspective.

Well that brings me to today. Today I hold many titles for my work. These are just some of them: blogger (starting today),professional investor, property manager, business owner, alpinist and ski bum. I am passionate about all things mountain. I hope to share this love with you. I’m impartial to location and country as long as there are mountains. Today I start small, but with a dream and a team anything is possible.

I plan to blog, post pictures and video in and of the mountains. Pictures and vidoes from mountains all over country and world. I hope to give you the Thrill of the Mountains.

Please share this blog with all who love the mountains. I think there are millions and millions who could benefit. Feel free to share your thoughts, coments, stories and inspiring quotes. Send me your pics and videos of the mountains and maybe you will be featured. Send feedback to:

We are a community of love and we inspire you to do your very best in this world. Love one another and be kind to each other. I hope you will join me on this journey.

On behalf of everyone here and from my family to yours, I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018.

Thrill of the Mountain has exciting news coming soon.

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  1. Awesome Eric! We will see you soon on the Mountain! Maybe a little LCR too so bring your dollars! ⛷❄️

    1. Thanks so much. Its been dumping snow at many of the resorts. Good bases are being built iust how you like them. I look forward to seeing you and your family on the mountain.

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