The snow train continues from coast to coast. Last weeks’ storms produced over 4 feet of snow in some areas with even more snow to come.  And this was just the follow through from the preceding system last week. The northeast will be deep on Sunday into Monday.  The powder party has begun my friends. Powder to the people.

Here are some pics from my last powder run. 

Alpine Meadows 1/11/2019

Little over-cast to start the day
It’s on!!! Who’s the guy in red?
Flat light
Views of Lake Tahoe
C Sign 4 CM MAN – RAD
I know . . . You Got This!!
Just a few bumps and some slouth, nothing to worry about.
Some shadows in the tress helping the vis.
Is that some blue sky I see?
Blue Skies! The Lake & Alpine Meadows I see.
Steep right?

Heavenly – 1/12/2019

Not much here . . .Just some snow covered mountains.
What up homie?
Trail Map and Safety Check
Here comes the sun
Looking good man
Blue Bird Skies

Heavenly views from every angle.
The Alpenglow

NorthStar – 1/13/2019

Yea, these views don’t suck
Another great day with these guys. So much fun!
Some nice glades to ride.
It starts with a great attitude.
Ruff day at the office

Kirkwood – 1/14/2019

Views on the way to The Woods
Take me here
Sun trying to make an appearance
These two can rip.
How you doin?
You want to go where?
You have got to be kidding me man?
Love the steeps here.
Yup I see you. I’m on my way. Great line btw.
I see you found it.

Heavenly 1/15/2019

Ski and Ride Heavenly
Heavenly Tram #1
Fun group
Mott’s Canyon- No joke
Storm system starts to move in.
Smile says it all.

Northstar – 1/16/2019

Love views like this
Face says it all.
Time is now.
Snow- caped trees is what I see
Cashed in!!!

It was another great week in the sierras. Conditions are great on the mountain with fresh snow around. Not much better than surrounded by good friends and fresh powder.




Reader feedback has continued to be strong; much appreciated. Our inboxes have been jammed full with your thoughts, comments, and replies. I can’t thank you all enough for everything. So here’s what you wrote to you us this week . . .

Are you still blogging?

Of course we are, but we’ve been kinda busy chasing the pow.

The blog was great where are you?

Thanks. You know where I’m at.

Hey Pow Hound

Yup you know it. . .fun fact I once named a company Powder Houndz.

Received this from one reader when I asked he received my blog:

Oh yes I got it I was gonna read it after work.

After work is a great time, but if your bored at work then may be even better. Nothing like dreaming about the slopes while at work. Or this great response I received when I asked another reader if he received the blog

Yes loved it, loved the reference to my Warren Miller quote . . .

If you don’t do it this year you will be another year older when you do

Grateful for the Mammoth opportunity. Received this one-liner in regards to Mammoth

Mammoth. Nuff said

No doubt.

And not sure if this is true, but I’ll go with it . . .

I am looking at the Mammoth cams and though I just saw you on one of the Canyon Lodge Mountain cams

And received this from one reader when they found out I was California

California. Its never normal out there.

Normal is like beauty; it’s in the eye of the beholder. And never to late for this in January

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. Looking forward to hitting the slopes with you.

Happy New Year to you. I look forward to it. Just like this faithful reader

Let’s ride together tomorrow!!

Ok, let’s. C U ON DA SLOPES.

And yes snow or shine we will be on the mountain. Don’t worry, we got this.

So you survived the blizzard? The news is taking all about how crazy it is

Alive and well. Rode it out on the mountain, was filthy sic, with mounds of fresh snow. We live for this stuff. And yes is the answer to this readers question:

Are u loving it right now?

Just like the Mickey D’s commercial I’m loving it. And a big thank you to this reader for the free marketing

Hey man . . . hope your having fun on the slopes. . . just wanted to let you know that I put your sticker up . . it’s across the street from a restaurant on S Howard called “Daily Eats”…it’s facing a parking lot so everyone crossing the street to go to the restaurant should see it . . it’s a higher traffic area so many people should see it…shh, don’t tell anyone I did that because we are not supposed to.

I won’t tell if you won’t tell. Just like this guy we get peeps who want the goods . . .

I got $$, advanced info, I ain’t got . .

I hear ya . . knowledge is power my friend. And as always appreciate all the love and support and see ya soons . .

Hey homie . . .looks like you are having some great travels!! Looking forward to hitting the pow with you soon.

Look forward to it. Just like these encouraging thoughts regarding next week, which is now this week,

Conditions look great for the week


Next week is going to be epic!!!

This was just a fraction of what we received. Thanks again for all the awesome feedback. You guys rock.



The conditions right now are really good. Epic is some spots, no doubt. Snow is currently still falling in the high country. Coverage is great. Everything is open, nearly everywhere. Snow quality is very good currently. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Fresh Dump – Picture from 1/21/2019




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I want to give a big shout out and thank you to Ian Goldstein. If you have not checked out Ian’s blog post yet, you can find it here . .
December At Okemo Mountain Many of you have asked for reports for the East. So Ian, thanks for your first hand account at Okemo and of the East. Again welcome to the team. We look forward to more great posts from you.


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Had an amazing time!!

and this one

It really was an amazing ski vacation!

Thank you. I had a blast. I look forward to it again next year. This always makes me feel good:

Great day on the mountain. Thank you for being so very patient.

as well as this gem:

Thanks for the pics. They are awesome. Thanks for capturing those precious moments.

Glad I could help in making special memories. Received this in my inbox:

We had the best time ever!! Thank you for navigating the mountain for us, for the snow shoe tour, for teaching us how to ski better and for being so wonderful and patient and welcoming to our entire crew!!

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This was a fun group for sure. See you all soon.
Another great day with this family. Thank you. 1/21/2019


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Not exactly roughing it

This is our passion and we love sharing it with everyone. Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great finish to your week. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you. Ski on/ Ride On.


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