Last Thursday the 2018 Winter Olympic games officially began. With competition now under way, medals are being won and lives are being changed forever. The weather in Pyeonchang has been cold and very windy. Officials have had to change the schedule of some of the events because of this wind.


Seventeen year old, Red Gerard took home USA’s first gold medal in men’s snowboard slope-style.

Red Gerard said he got a Snapchat this morning around 8:30 a.m. from his group of 17 people that is in Pyeongchang, South Korea to support him for the Games: “They were all shotgunning beers on the way to the mountains.”

He threw down the hammer. You know what this 17 year-old did . . yup, that’s right . . beat all the big boys. You know what they say about an entourage that shotguns beers at 8:30am? Neither do I, but I bet that was one heck of a party after he won gold. Congrats Red, job well done. I look forward to your parade in Silverthorne, CO.


Speaking of 17 year olds, Chloe Kim grabbed a gold in women’s half-pipe. Chloe scored a perfect 100 in ladies half-pipe to qualify. Amazing, only the third time that has ever happened with Sean White scoring perfect the other two times. This girl is changing her sport. I am predicting many more golds and a long future for her. People are going to follow this girl for many years to come. Says Kim:
I won’t work with sponsors whose messages I don’t agree with

I have a feeling she is going to make a lot of money with whomever she works with.


Another gold medal athlete who is going to get paid is Jamie Anderson who won her second Olympic gold medal during the women’s snowboard slope-style event at the 2018 Winter Olympics. They call that two-time gold medal champion. Way to go girl.


Sean White who was shut out just four years ago got his redemption with his third gold medal. He is now the most decorated Olympic snowboarder of all time. A three-time Winter Olympic gold medal champion. Way to go Sean. You revolutionized your sport; changed snowboarding, and created a path for so many to carry on your torch.

Like I wrote, HERE(Jan 6th post, still trying to figure out how to do anchor text), lives will and are being changed forever at the games.

Unfortunately some not for the better…but I will always appreciate a full send. Much thanks to the reader who sent this:

Sometimes it just doesn’t go as planned . . .Full send

More Pow


Snow covered trees @WhistlerBlackcomb.

I am not changing my SOS. Remember Save our Season? Yes, I know it snowed, but we still need more in most places. Last I checked we still have about two more months of skiing/riding in North America, even longer in some places. We all want to experience the fresh stuff. So continue your snow dances, the seasons still young. Also, send me your powder pics. I love getting them and look forward to sharing them. Thanks.

Further on I Trek

A road trip back to the mountains begins soon. This annual road trip has been part of the commitment to this marathon in search of fresh stuff and the thrill. The Thrill of the Mountain takes me far and a car gives me the freedom for trips close and far. Long drives, like long hikes are gruelling and not always fun. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

Reader feedback, comments & pictures


Feedback was strong this weekend. With many readers playing in the fresh powder we had some happy campers this weekend. I know it was good when I ask for pictures and I get this:

there all in my head. what an awesome day it was yesterday and today.

And to this reader . . .remember the glass is always half full not half empty

Hoping for 4-5 feet but I’ll take 8inch

You’re right, you will, and so will I. Can you even ski/ride 4-5 feet other than in your head?

And when I asked one reader how it was going I got this back:

Keeping it real. How’s Pyeongchang treating you?

Watching it on TV, just like you. I just write about Pyeongchang man. Only in my head am I competing for medals.

We still love it when we get this and always will . . .

I read the blog . . .loved it.

Thank you. And I will be happy to send you a sticker as soon as we get some made up. And to this reader as well:

Wow CMM, Love the blog

Wow, thanks so much. I love that you love the blog. Love, CMM


Let me start by writing that we received this comment:

Love the blog, can we leave comments?

Of course you can write comments? You can write comments anywhere and anytime you want. You can write them directly on the website. At the bottom of each post, there is a section to reply with a comment. You do need to have a wordpress user name. You can also leave feedback and like us on FB or Instagram – Thrill of the Mountain. Thanks.

I get not everyone understands everything. I don’t. Received this the other day:

I do not understand what you do?

I’m a dream chaser. I am a provider of ski and snow dreams for those that can believe and dream the impossible. I know, I get confused to as what I do all the time. Believe the impossible.

I do this as a labor of love. But when I get comments like this, I remember why I share my love:

We had an absolute blast . . Great snow, great town, good friends . . .It was awesome! We will definitely be back.

So happy for you all. I love it when it all works out as planned. Not eveyone got in on this past weekends action:

I don’t do weekends

What do you do? Last weekend rocked. Pow pow everywhere. We missed you. Love, Jerry & friends.


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We know people. And we may be able to help you.

Resort Guiding

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Nothing like waking up to a dump outside your window. You know it’s gonna be a fun day.


Sometimes you just get in a little over your head or over your skis.


Steamboat, CO


What up Jerry? Looking fierce bro.


Breckenridge, CO.

Awesome, but where is everyone?

Jerry’s rays of light always shining through.

Jerry driving under the rainbow.

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great finish to your week. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you. Ski on.


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