10 Days ago I set off on my journey to Colorado. Starting at 5AM on Wednesday morning we set out on the drive to Davenport Iowa, just over 1,000 miles and about 15 hours.

Lamar, Pennsylvania

The drive was long, but so far we had been free of traffic, and it had been smooth sailing. Our goal was to make it through Chicago before rush hour, so we continued to drive making as few restroom and food stops as possible.

We were passing through Woodville, Ohio around 1PM and everything was still going as well and boringly as I expected. We were in route to be going south of Chicago on interstate 80 at 5PM

We arrived in Davenport, Iowa around 8:30PM central time. After 16 and a half hours in the car we went to Chick-fil-a and then right to sleep.

We got a late start the next day and slept in until around 10AM which meant we were going to have a late night finishing off the final 13 and a half hour portion of the trip to Keystone, Colorado.

After arriving to our Airbnb in Keystone just after 11:30PM we decided to explore the area, so we booked the condo for two nights. We slept late recovering from the 27 hour car ride, and hung out in the Keystone village.

Keystone, Colorado

After checking out of the condo in Keystone we went south towards Leadville and over the Continental Divide. We continued up route 24 towards Camp Hale. Camp Hale is an old US military training base where soldiers were taught how to ski and general alpine survival.

In Camp Hale we rented a Can-Am 800R 4×4 and explored the old base on an unguided tour for three hours.

After our off-roading adventure the budget became smaller so we went to the Hawthorne Inn in Eagle. Sunday came around and although our plan to hike the hanging lake trail failed because the park was at capacity and closed. So we found a trailhead in Glenwood Springs and had a three mile hike followed by some relaxing in the Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Home Sweet Home! We finally arrived in Beaver Creek on Monday afternoon and I unloaded my car and moved into my new apartment.

Im looking forward to the winter and keeping all the thrill of the mountain fans posted on everything from the perspective of the newest Rocky Mountain local.

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