Greetings friends, I hope this post finds you doing well. I am in a snow daze. It has been an amazing season so far. We’ve been blessed with boatloads of snow and many many bluebird days. But what’s even more exciting than all the snowfall is all of the great people I have had a chance to meet. I have crossed paths, ridden chair lifts, and shared a run with old friends and new. Crossing the mountain with folks that share my same love of the outdoors is always the most rewarding thing! Seeing happy faces and smiles ear to ear really does make my day. The proof is in the pictures; smiles and happy faces all around. Enjoy the pics.

J on top of the Divide.
Looking out from the top of the Continental Divide.
Sunny Bluebird Colorado Day.
Out on a hike we head.
Beautiful views of the Canyon from the Valley bellow.
Away we go!
You got this kid.
Snow starting to build up on my cap.
Amazing, right?
Hanging Lake. Half Frozen and during a dump.
Cool dude, right?
I think we earned a reward.
Cookie Time!
Mmm . . .mmm good!!!
Back on the hunt . . .
Where is that pow pow?
Bet I’ll find a boat load in here . . .
Time to hit the chutes again.
Gonna be sic fa sur he says
Lovely !!!
Just Send It!!!
What you looking at bro?
Love Me Some Trees.
Go get it Cuz.
Love mornings like this.
Up up we go.
Love those views. Sic.
Sun starting to come out.
Peak of blue starting to come through.
The Beav’s trees are the best. No doubt.
I think a treat is in-store fa sure.
I do love me some chocolate covered strawberries. Check out the second video.
Nothing like ending the day with a fresh baked cookie. How’s your’s bro?
Who doesn’t love a cookie or a beautiful girl?
Remove strap before getting on the lift always a good idea.
Happy Days
Family Ski Time
Lovely day with these friends.
What up ? You guys rock!!!
Sun trying to come out.
Great smiles ladies
That glow you have after an amazing day on the slope


Running Blues 1/21/19


Did You Say Something?


Feedback was strong. We received loads of texts, emails, notes, emojis and emoji-cons. You pretty much sent us stuff through every venue on the interwebs; yay. Keep it coming friends. IG, FB, & WP have given us all amazing outlets to both share content and comment on it. Thanks again for all the feedback. We love reading it. Here’s some of the stuff you wrote to us recently:

The snow looks amazing

Wish I could take credit. But I do concur, the snow looks amazing.

Where U at?

Chasing the snow. Don’t you know? Neither does this guy

Hope ur scoring?

What kinda question is that? Liked this answer when I asked an amazing lady shredder how her day in the snow was:

Amazing . . .just got home from some wall laps with my girls (snow day today)

Hehe .. . that’s just great. We appreciate all the nice comments regarding our pics. Here are a few:

These pictures are awesome.


Good pics!


Amazing pics!

Thank you. The recent video posts garnered us a few replies:

I loved the go pro video you posted.

Thanks we had fun riding that day and learning how to use video editing software another day. Like comments like this regarding our videos and our website:

Outstanding! It loads really well on my phone to.

Awesome. Glad it worked. Really liked this comment regarding one of our videos.

It’s great! Thanks for sharing

No thank you. And to all of you who send me thanks all the time, know I couldn’t do it without all of you. Thanks again for sending in any feedback.



It snowed last night, a tad today and more is on the way. Mammoth is still digging out from snow, like 8 feet of it last week. Conditions are great right now. Pretty much every lift and and run is open everywhere. Coverage is great with a very high snow quality in most places. With more snow predicted it’s only gonna continue to get better. Get out on the slopes and check it it.


Reach out for last minute options

From one guest:

You helped saved the day when our lodging options where not up to par.

If you need help with lodging, especially last-minute, reach out to us at:

We know people. And we may be able to help you.


Resort Guiding

We are offering all-inclusive resort guiding for you and your family at a discounted rate. Our guides can handle from 1 to 6 people. The day will be customized and tailored to your group and groups needs. A fun day is in store. If this is something you have an interest in? Please reach out, we’ll make it happen. Some feedback we received from recent tours:

Had an amazing time!!

and this one

It really was an amazing ski vacation!

Thank you. I had a blast. I look forward to it again next year. This always makes me feel good:

Thanks for your expertise on the slopes. Skiing with you is not only enjoyable, it’s reassuring because YOU KNOW THE MOUNTAIN!

Well I am a mountain man. Enjoyed this gem:

Thanks for the pics. They are awesome. Thanks for capturing those precious moments.

Glad I could help in making special memories. Received this in my inbox:

We had the best time ever!! Thank you for navigating the mountain for us, for the snow shoe tour, for teaching us how to ski better and for being so wonderful and patient and welcoming to our entire crew!!

Loved seeing this:

Wow. That was fun.

Yes, yes it was. And the cherry on the cake comes in the form of feedback from this recent tour:

It’s all about you CMM, thanks for the best best tour I have ever been on. I WOULD NEVER HAVE GONE TO ANY OF THE AREAS WITHOUT YOUR EXPERT KNOWLEDGE

We love writing about the mountains and mountain activities, but even more, we love sharing it with everyone-with all of you. Want to find out what it’s all about? It’s not to late to book for this season. We still have some dates available. Need your whole trip planned from soup to nuts??? Is this you? We can help you to. Whether we just spend a day with you or we plan your whole trip, we are happy to do what we do. We have all of your winter adventures covered.  We promise you and your family will have a great time

Great day with this group.


Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 5.55.17 PM
blue short sleeve shirt

We have t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and stickers for sale. Shirts come in Large and X-Large sizes only.  If you or anyone you know wants a Trill of the Mountain shirt or sticker they can be ordered here

A portion of all sales will go to charitable causes. Current charitable donations go to:

  • Kahn Academy
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates CASA / Guardian ad Litem GAL
  • Chidamoyo Christian Hospital


Nice motto.
I concur
Mother & Daughter Ski Time
Cool Ski Patch
I know diamonds are a girls best friend.
I see that sticker.
So what exactly does this mean? It’s gonna dump? Who is gonna be there?
I see you hit the green mile.
For Valentine’s Day

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great finish to your week. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you. Ski on/ Ride On.


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  1. Had an wonderful time at Beaver Creek and looking forward to skiing again. Thank you for everything.

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