Greetings friends. I hope this finds you doing well. Time flies as they say and opening day will be here before you know it. Cooler days are ahead and there’s already a nip to the air in many places. Labor day has come and gone, and the pig skin is flying all around the field. It’s true that next month some resorts will fight to be the first to have lift chairs spinning for the 2018/2019 season. And while this is mostly about bragging rights it’s also the unofficial sign of winter. Somebody has to open first and someone gets to close last, but remember the season happens in the middle. It’s a long season, heck some of you don’t even know what a summer is. So from late October until Mid April somewhere in North America know you can catch a lift going up for you to make some turns.  So as the band Green Day sings . . .Wake me up when September ends.


Not wanting to have Summer coming to a sprinting end, I attempt another 14’er before Labor Day weekend.


Pics from my successful summit of GRAYS PEAKS – 14,278 feet above sea – ENJOY!!!

Lush green trees – into the woods I go.

Blinded by the light . . .





Tour starts now.

Smile – You got this.

That’s a long way to the top.

That’s some thick bush – almost as tall as that dude. Nice shorts bro.

Anybody wanna send it? I like the pitch.


Ranger Steve posing with Jerry whose kinda looking like a young Glenn Plake.  Remember – Leave No Trace!!!

Rocks . . .

Rocks . . .

And more rocks.

Am I there yet?

More rocks and dirt to manage.

Dry, barren and rocky.

Views that go on for miles.

Afternoon shadows starting to creep in.

What an amazing country this is  .  . . so many amazing places and views. Incredible.

Just a big rock pile at the top.  Can you find the mountain goat in this picture?

Are you GOAT worthy?

Amazing summer views of Breckenridge Ski Resort seen from the top of GRAYS PEAK.

I finally make it to the summit. 14,278 feet above sea level. My second successful summit of a 14’er.

When you do a little Outdoor Research, you’re sure to find the Thrill of the Mountain.

Mountain lakes are always a cool site to see from above.

What goes up, must come down. And down I head back down to the valley.

Windy on the rocky descent.

The saddle or ridge-line over to TORREY’S PEAK.  Not enough time for a TORREY’S summit today.

Try not to disturb the locals. Here I come across a beautiful mountain marmot.

Fall colors are already here.  Back at base camp. 6 Hours 49 minutes 34 seconds. Parking lot to summit and back. Spent an hour on the summit taking in the amazing views at the top. Wanna join me for a hike? Now accepting reservations for adventure thrill seekers. The Thrill of the Mountain awaits you.




Thanks for sending me feedback. And as Grandma would say:

Something is better than nothing . . .

Could not agree more. I’m very thankful that people actually read this thing and would take their precious time to send us a quick note or email.  To those that take the time, thank you.

As one guy put it:

Sounds like poor planning . . .

What do ya mean dude?  Planning is much like beauty, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. This was nice and hopefully true:

It will be nice, next week will be great!!!

I should read that at the end of every week.  And I loved this one:

Slaving n saving!

Winter recreation will cost ya . . . you better be saving. And remember when I received this from one loyal reader last post:

That’s great. Time for a 14’er

Thanks friend I took your advice and hiked another. Two down, countless more to try.  Nothing like a successful summit of a 14’er, leaves you wanting more.



Opening day is right around the corner. Get your season passes now. Don’t wait!!! IKON PASS, EPIC PASS, I don’t care.  Both passes offer a tremendous value if you are gonna use it. These passes are hands down the best. Don’t wait any longer, prices just keep going up. The longer you wait, the more you pay. Don’t care about cost-just buy a US SKI & SNOWBOARD GOLD PASS good at over 250 resorts in the USA for about 10 large ones. That’s 10G’s- yup- $10,000 for a US Ski & Snowboard Gold Pass. Want to spend a fraction, buy an EPIC or IKON pass. Both are the real deal. You can have amazing value with just one pass or combining any variation of the two passes can have you very well covered.



I have two planned group trips on the books to Beaver Creek in 2019. These are still open. One in January and one in late February/March. If you want more details please visit the website or reach out for more information.



CM MAN aka Jerry.


Resorts are still open. I was at Beaver Creek not to long ago.  Yes, you read that correct. And it was awesome. It’s an amazing time to visit. Like hiking? Check. Like biking? Check. Now’s the time. Resorts should be open at least on weekends through the end of September.

Hiking, biking, climbing, walking, bird watching, wild flower finding, summit attempting. It’s all here to be had this summer. It’s all great fun and adventure. Conditions are really great this time of the year, especially for those who don’t like the snow and cold weather. Do I even know you?


If you need help with lodging, especially last-minute, reach out to us at:

We know people. And we may be able to help you.

Here’s a reservation link to Creekside @ Beaver Creek. Michael Simmons and his crew will take good care of you.


Resort Guiding

February and March are starting to see some reservations. Now is the time to get the best value.We offer all-inclusive resort guiding for you and your family at a discounted rate. Our guides can handle from 1 to 6 people. The day will be customized and tailored to your group and groups needs. A fun day is in store. If this is something you have an interest in? Please reach out, we’ll make it happen. Some feedback we received from tours:

Had an amazing time!!

and this one

It really was an amazing ski vacation!

Thank you. I had a blast. I look forward to it again next year. This always makes me feel good:

Great day on the mountain. Thank you for being so very patient.

as well as this gem:

Thanks for the pics. They are awesome. Thanks for capturing those precious moments.

Glad I could help in making special memories. Received this in my inbox:

We had the best time ever!! Thank you for navigating the mountain for us, for the snow shoe tour, for teaching us how to ski better and for being so wonderful and patient and welcoming to our entire crew!!

No, Thank you. Hope to see you on the slopes soon.

We love writing about the mountains and mountain activities, but even more, we love sharing it with everyone-with all of you. Want to find out what it’s all about? It’s not to early to book for next season. We are already taking reservations for 2018/2019 season. Dates are already beginning to fill up. Need you whole trip planned from soup to nuts??? Is this you? We can help you to. Whether we just spend a day with you or we plan your whole trip, we are happy to do what we do. We have your winter adventures covered.

Early discounts available now. We promise you and your family will have a great time.


I want to shout out to a few special loyal readers now.  First shout out goes to Joe
B. from Rochester, New York. Joe you have won yourself a pair of brand new Outdoor Reseach gloves.20180909_1739336053087626635100810.jpg

New in the bag. I like to call it brand spanking new. I guess readership does have its privileges.

These are awesome gloves just like you are. You have sent more pics to me than any other reader to date. And for that sir, I say thank you.


The next award goes to Candace and Brad R. from Denver, Colorado. You collectively have left more feedback on the website, Facebook & Instagram & via email, text, DM and PM. I have two of these awesome brand new Thrill of the Mountain shirts just for you guys.

These shirts rock just like you guys. I look forward to seeing you in them. Send a pic.  Thanks for all the love and support. See you on da slopes.


Appreciate all the love.   Thank you.



City skyline. I do believe that is upstate.


Cool. That your house?


Through the woods to grammas house we go.


Looks steep but Jerry could do it. No doubt.


How lovely.


It’s not London Bridge but it looks cool.



These guys rock. @gypsylifeforme go follow them.  Outdoor Research hat and jacket nice choice Kyle.


Nice. Anyone going up?


Looks like the flat irons to me. Which one you hike?


Well done.


Last days of Summer coming to an end.


Reminds me of a runway.


Enjoyed it cuz. Thank you for leading the way up.

To all my Jewish readers and friends out there. . .I wish you a happy New Year. May you be blessed with health, happiness and peace in this new year. L’shana Tova

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great start to your week. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain awaits you.


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