My second attempt at a 14’er.

Colorado has 58 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet. Hence the term 14’er. Colorado has the most 14’ers of any state in the US. Climbing to the peak of a mountain that is almost 3 miles above sea level can be a most amazing feat.

I recently had the opportunity again to hike Quandary Peak. Quandary Peak is the highest summit of the Ten Mile Range in the Rocky Mountains of North America.   Located in Summit County, Colorado just 20 minutes from downtown Breckenridge, the Peak has a summit elevation of 14,265.  While my first attempt to summit was unsuccessful, my last was a success. This was by far the hardest hike of my life.  There is no such thing as an easy 14’er. This sucker is steep. The last 0.80-mile climbs 1,100 feet. So be prepared for a long day out there. Pack your patience and enjoy the challenge. My parking lot to summit and back adventure took 5 hours, 46 minutes and 9 seconds to complete.

Here are some of the pics from my first successful summit of a Colorado 14’er.

Headed on the highway past Breck to our hiking for the day


Above tree line at Breck is where it’s at . .

We have arrived at the parking lot base of the Quandary Trail, see that peak? Yep, that’s where we were headed

Parking lot selfie before the hike begins

Time to walk along that ridgeline all the way to the top

And the fun begins!

Not a bad idea to check the map out before heading out.

Huge trees at the bottom but as we work our way up there are no more trees at all

Great clear day helps for good views

The vastness of the valley

Lush and green up here

Yep, she is ready!

Clouds rolling in

And the ground starts getting rocky above tree line

And rockier!

And the views just keep getting better and better

Selfie amongst the rocks-do I look exhausted?

Clouds rolled in and gave us a little mountain shower making the rocks slippery.  We heard from a few folks that had already been to the top that we missed the short hail storm at the top.

Don’t get too close to the edge!

A little snow patch

Wild flowers literally grow everywhere

We walked straight through a cloud inversion

Yep that straight line is the path we took up…and the one we go down

Here’s a tip- if you hike a 14er make a sign before you go so you have proof at the top! Thanks to the nice couple that gave me theirs!

We did it!  The cloud inversion made it impossible to see anything but pillows of clouds at the top.

And then came the king of the mountain…the mountain goat

He was not thrilled to be sharing the top with us so he decided to show us who was boss!

Down the ridge-line we go

The views were so different depending on the altitude along the hike.

We realized why the big goat was following us down from the peak – the catch up with the other mountain goats along the path!

As long as we kept moving this nice family of mountain goats did not seem to mind us being so close to them along the path.

And then there was grass and trees again!

See that cloud inversion at the top of the mountain – that’s what we were above when we reached the peak!

Hiking these beauties leaves you exhausted, invigorated, and yearning for more!  Can’t wait to do another 14’er soon!

Contact me if you would like information on hiking 14’ers or just hiking in general.  I would be glad to share my knowledge with you!




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