And as a good friend put it…

Lucky to live in such a great country

Agreed, no doubt there. Such an amazing place it is here in the good ‘ole USA. It’s just awesome.


True story…my friend just bought a new house. She told me the mortgage process was worse then going to the rectum doctor. I asked her why? She told me she got a cleaning and there was no insurance to pick up the bill. I guess I’m not the only one with the summer time blues.

I don’t mean to vent, but I will… The mercury is rising. IT’S HOT OUT! FREAKIN’ HOT!! Temperature records are being set in many parts of the country. I cooked eggs and bacon on the hood of my car this morning in less than two minutes. Every time I go outside I feel like I am melting. I think I am part snowman mixed with a little Eskimo…not sure what that makes me? Anybody have a 32andme freebie code I can use to check?

So when I feel like this, here is a list of great things to get over those feelings…

jump in the pool

get on the internet and search all of the cool places you can travel where it is cold

turn your a/c on really low, close all of your blinds, and put on a sweatshirt

go get ice cream

call your friends up and ask if they are ready for cooler weather as well

have a water balloon fight with the neighbors

snack on ice cubes

nap in front of the fan

I’ve been dreaming about all of the adventures to come. It helps get me through these dog days of summer. What exactly are the dog days of summer? Before you know it fall will have arrived and in my world time will start to speed up again. Is that even possible? Can someone tell me what I mean.

Reader feedback, comments & pictures


Felt great to receive some feedback again from you great folks. No really. You guys are awesome. Its great to be back in the saddle and always love receiving anything from my readers. Thanks for taking the time to continue to read this blog. Thank you. We appreciate anything we get. Again, here are some of the amazing comments we received this week…

Love it

Love my followers. Thanks for the comment. Always enjoy and appreciate this:

Nice pic!

I take many many many pic. Some turn out very nice. Most just suck. Thanks. And then I received this and and was like …???

How you looking?

Hmmm, not sure how to answer that. Who sent me this question? Seems like a loaded question to me. Moving on to this gem I received:

I have my top ten questions – none involving thrill of the mountain

What you got? We digress once again. This next reader may have some intuition

Looks like you’re trying to take it up a level as far as travel services

Natural evolution. This is both a business and labor of love. We are not trying to move people around but we do want everyone to have an amazing life. You only live once. #YOLO . . . Why not live your best life today? And to the readers who love to ask this:

How you livin?

It never gets old writing I’M ALIVE AND WELL. I’m living a little on the warm side these days, but the Thrill of the Mountain is always here waiting for me. Cooler temps will be here before I know it. The countdown for the search for powder is on.



Giddy up. Been in mammoth last two weeks.

Have any room for one extra?

Resorts are BACK open. Yes they are. Like hiking? Check Like biking? Check Yup it’s time.

Nice bike.

Great tid bit I received from one reader:

Biking trails have been a little wet muddy lately, but still a lot of fun. the trail boss and volunteers always cutting out new lines and trails. we are so fortunate to have a great mtb park like this.

Great stuff. Thank you for your insight. You’re awesome friend. Glad I got a ride with ya. And I always love a little first hand account of fun and adventure. Send me some more pics. Would love to see you sending it off some of that extreme train you like to hit. Do you need a go pro? And as always, Be Safe Out There.

Hiking, biking, climbing, walking, bird watching, wild flower finding, summit attempting. It’s all here to be had this summer. It’s all great fun adventure. Conditions are really great this time of the year, especially for those who don’t like the cold weather. Do I even know you? Who doesn’t like the white fluffy stuff? We need to talk, no seriously. #OPTOUTSIDE


If you need help with lodging, especially last-minute, reach out to us at:


We know people. And we may be able to help you.

Here’s a reservation link to Creekside @ Beaver Creek. Michael Simmons and his crew will take good care of you.



Resort Guiding

We offer all-inclusive resort guiding for you and your family at a discounted rate. Our guides can handle from 1 to 6 people. The day will be customized and tailored to your group and groups needs. A fun day is in store. If this is something you have an interest in? Please reach out, we’ll make it happen. Some feedback we received from tours:

Had an amazing time!!

and this one

It really was an amazing ski vacation!

Thank you. I had a blast. I look forward to it again next year. This always makes me feel good:

Great day on the mountain. Thank you for being so very patient.

as well as this gem:

Thanks for the pics. They are awesome. Thanks for capturing those precious moments.

Glad I could help in making special memories. Received this in my inbox:

We had the best time ever!! Thank you for navigating the mountain for us, for the snow shoe tour, for teaching us how to ski better and for being so wonderful and patient and welcoming to our entire crew!!

No, Thank you. Hope to see you on the slopes soon.

We love writing about skiing and doing mountain activities, but even more, we love sharing it with everyone-with all of you. Want to find out what it’s all about? It’s not to early to book for next season. We are already taking reservations for 2018/2019 season.

Early discounts available now. We promise you and your family will have a great time.


I really enjoyed seeing your pics again. So don’t be shy and send more. We all love seeing what you’re doing out there. All your cool adventures. SEND SUMMER PICS NOW!!!

Nice views man. Inspiration fa’ sure.

New bike man? Haha, I see, you took training wheels off.

Background looks familiar…could that be …

But of course…The Legend

Very interesting…lush views in da’ background.

Looks awesome.

Fly fishing on the Frying Pan.

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great start to your week. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you.


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