UTAH bound.

Everybody loves a good road trip. After taking in Colorado sunshine for the last few weeks a change of scenery was due.

Beaver Creek -> Park City. Here are pics of this most recent adventure. Enjoy!

View of Glennwood Canyon

Vegetation still lush from last years snow melt.

Things starting to look dry and barren.

I can feel the desert is near.

Table top mesa in the desert.

Lake in a desert?

What is that I see in the distance . . .

UTAH we have arrived.  Now let’s hope snow is in the forecast!

The Canyons famous parking lot open air gondola

Up and away we go.

I know the light can be blinding.

Main face of The Canyons looking great.

Looking a little snowy . . .just wait till the weekend.

Snow covering the red rock of the desert canyon.

So that’s what a snowy mountain looks like, I had almost forgotten.

Hills and valleys in the distance covered with the white stuff.

Si and CMM riding the orange bubble.

Flat light rolling in  (look closely, you can see the orange bubble again). . .

And then came this . . . .zero vis.

Trees helping create some shadows.

Yea you better go slow…you can’t see up from down.

About 2 chair max vis.  But when there is no vis, there is snow!

Trying to get below the fog line.

Trees looking good.

Temps still cold. Improved visibility lower down on the mountain.

Great snow day, but very flat light day.

Does make great pics though.

More fog & more haze.

I can’t see anything.

Little better now

Blue sky is poking through.

Park City Gondola

Here they come . . .

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Looking out the Peak 2 Peak Gondola


Heading up little cottonwood canyon

This way . .

Looks snowy here

Bluebird Day with some fresh snow – doesn’t get much better.

Oh yea

This is gonna be good.

Jerry’s blinding light.

Jerry and Cuz.

Jerry, Cuz & Si

Another SPF 50 day.

ALTA . . .No frills, just steeps.

Up we go.

I like what I see . . .

Let the fun begin

Yup, we hit that.

Filthy sick peaks of Alta.

You are mine. . .I got this.

These are the ridge lines Jerry lives for. Big mountain skiers ride here.

You got this.  Put your big boy/girl panties on and do it!

Thanks for a great day Cuz. You are an amazing guide. You humbled Si and I.

Alta Ski Patrol – shovel, probe and beacon; mandatory work tools.

I like the landscape. . .

It’s even better with blue skies.

Short day. The steeps of ALTA have humbled Jerry.

This is probably self-explanatory, but anyway…Remember there is no stopping or parking at Hellsgate.

Reader feedback, comments & pictures


Reader feedback, comments, emojis and pictures were again strong this week. Thank you. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Again, here are some of the great comments we received this week:

I received some really special and wonderful feedback. Here are a few:

What you do deserved respect, it’s an incredible commitment.

I know I live it. I hope to see you soon my friend.

It was a great post. Have fun. I hope you have good snow.

Appreciate the kind words and wishes. And this is always nice to receive:

I can’t get over how gorgeous your pics are.

Thank you. All pics are taken with a Samsung Galaxy S8. And this special note wins the contest we did not have.

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the beauty you continue to share with me. You’re taking me on travels I’ll never see & for every white birch you’ve brought me has come joy . . .among the mountains and newly formed trails u continue to forge through! but through it all i see you, peace and true sense of self worth has found your life.

Receiving this kind and generous note made my day. May your days and life be filled with much love and happiness. Self worth is hard to quantify. I think it’s a state of mind more than anything.



Unfortunately s&it happens. A Jerry died. I know we kid around all the time about Jerry and Jerry’s, but we had a special reader named Jerry die recently (and he most certainly was far from the definition of Jerry, just happened to actually be his name). We really try to keep our personal life out of this snow blog, but you know sometimes we just can’t. I would like to take a moment to share our deepest condolences to Jerry’s family. May the love you have for your Jerry always be close to your heart. From one Jerry to another keep the love alive.


Resort conditions are good. It snowed most places over the weekend with more predicted on the way. In a few more weeks, I doubt I will be writing that. Now is the time people. Closing day will be here before you know it. Spring break is a really fun time – if nothing else, it certainly is good Jerry watching! With a little luck, some fresh powder and blue bird days it will continue; Colorado ski life at it’s best. Get out there and enjoy it. #OPTOUTSIDE


If you need help with lodging, especially last-minute, reach out to us at:


We know people. And we may be able to help you.

Here’s a reservation link to Creekside @ Beaver Creek. Michael Simmons and his crew will take good care of you.


As an aside, I had the opportunity to stay with some friends at The Willows condos in Vail. Located right in the heart of Vail Village, this 5-star boutique condo building is top-notch. This accommodation has pretty much everything discerning guests desire. From on-mountain ski concierge, warm cookies and hot chocolate to all stainless steel wolf appliances in every unit, The Willows has you covered for all of your high-end lodging needs. This place is really outstanding, probably a notch above most of the rest!


Resort Guiding

We are offering all-inclusive resort guiding for you and your family at a discounted rate. Our guides can handle from 1 to 6 people. The day will be customized and tailored to your group and groups needs. A fun day is in store. If this is something you have an interest in? Please reach out, we’ll make it happen. Some feedback we received from recent tours:

Had an amazing time!! I miss you already!

and this one

Can’t thank you enough for organizing this trip.

as well as this one

It really was an amazing ski vacation!

People these are not just ski vacations these are experiences of a lifetime. Friends will be made and memories will be had for a lifetime. Experience is what changes your life and not material items. Some amazing feedback from some of our friends and guests:

Thank you all for being so welcoming, kind, generous, not to mention entertaining!! Loved the guitar playing, the game playing, just the all around camaraderie in addition to the fantastic skiing, snow boarding and snow shoeing too!! Lol. Can’t wait until next year!

Thank you. I had a blast. I look forward to it again next year.

CMM thanks for the guided trip through the trees today. That was probably something that I would have missed had you not showed me the way.

Glad you enjoyed a tour of the glades. It was my pleasure.

Just the other day I found this in my inbox:

We had the best time ever!! Thank you for navigating the mountain for us, for the snow shoe tour, for teaching us how to ski better and for being so wonderful and patient and welcoming to our entire crew!!

No, Thank you. Hope to see you on the slopes soon. We love writing about but even more we love sharing it with everyone. Find out what it’s all about.


As an aside I am selling 2018 8 x 11 Photo Wall Calendars for Charity. My Calendar is called 2017 Powder Days. It has some of last years best powder pics. I’m selling the calendars for $25 a piece. A portion of all calendar sales will go to charitable causes. The 2018 Charity Calendar supports these three organizations:

  • Kahn Academy
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates CASA / Guardian ad Litem GAL
  • Chidamoyo Christian Hospital


Completely understand.

Great pic guys. You both look very happy.

I especially like the Jerry with his tongue out.

Always love a great pic of the falls. Thank you for sending it in.

Careful, you may need some powder chords there boy.

It’s not fishing season yet, but we are much closer . . .

Apparently closer than I believe. Nice lunker neighbor.

Fresh Lines


Whoa there Jerry . . .Do you have the proper training? No seriously. You can kill yourself doing this.

Leave it to the snow-pros.


Sick stuff, for sure.

Looks to be deep.

Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope you all have a great finish to your week and a great start to your weekend. Until next time, love one another and be kind to each other. Get out there, The Thrill of the Mountain is waiting for you. Ski on.


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